Our purpose is to provide affordable housing opportunities by developing and procuring lots, arranging attractive financing packages for qualified first-time homebuyers, and encouraging homebuilders to enter and expand into this market.


Nebraska Housing Resource, Inc. develops and sells lots to builders with the goal of primarily serving the first-time homebuyer market. As a 501(c)(3) organization, NHR’s previous developments have been with public/private partnerships that assisted in the acquisition and financing. Additionally, NHR offers generous incentive financing for eligible first-time homebuyers purchasing moderately priced homes who have qualified for a first mortgage through a private lending institution. The new home must be on a lot sold by NHR to a builder. When the homebuyer sells their house the subordinate debt financing is repaid and NHR is able to reinvest in new first-time homebuyers.


Nebraska Housing Resource, Inc. offers a Homeownership Opportunity Program for eligible and qualified first-time homebuyers purchasing a home built by a builder that has purchased a lot sold by NHR. The Homeownership Opportunity Program provides second mortgage debt financing that has no interest and no payments, but that is due-on-sale if in the future the home is sold or no longer used as the primary residence of the first time homebuyers. Through this program in prior developments, NHR has invested in 50 first-time homebuyers with subordinate mortgage financing. When the house is sold or if repayments occur, NHR is able to reinvest in new first time homebuyers. Among other qualifying factors, the first-time homebuyer must complete a recognized homebuyer education class.


Nebraska Housing Resource started a new development in 2016 with single family lots being sold for purchase by builders now.  A number of years ago, NHR invested in 15 acres in Hub Hall Heights in northwest Lincoln which had a preliminary plat for 62 lots. The land purchase and development is being done without any public financing. The first phase, Hub Hall Heights 11th Addition is complete and the 26 lots were sold to 9 different builders.  An additional Plat for the 12th Addition with 36 more lots of differing size and type and at various prices was approved in 2017 and all the lots have been reserved or sold, but not all houses have been built or sold.


The 13th Addition with 19 additional lots is under development now with homes available in the Fall of 2019.

NHR’s Homeownership Opportunity Program is available for qualified first time homebuyers and builders, Realtors and interested home buyers are encouraged to learn more about the program.  The development is NOT restricted to first time homebuyers.

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